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We have experience, helping elderly people and family with a lot of kids, helping them to keep their home clean and neat

About Us

About Us
MSL Housekeeping/Organizing  Services is the leading residential cleaning/organizing  service and office/commercial cleaning in New Haven County and Fairfield County. Our focus on health and customer experience has earned us the reputation as a trustworthy company that is the preferred cleaning service of our neighbors and friends since 2015. We are locally owned & operated and take great pride in serving the same communities where our team, also, lives. Since opening our doors years ago, we’ve made it our daily mission to provide the best possible service for customers, highest-quality cleanings, price affordable.

Our Services


Residential Cleaning Commercial cleaning Home organizer Move in Move out Standard cleaning Deep cleaning Airbnb Cleaning

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House cleaning and organizing

House cleaning is our thing! We are proud to take care of your cleaning needs, including vacuuming, dusting, washing surfaces, making bathrooms, kitchens and floors sparkle. We are happy to free up your time from this duty that some people dislike but we love, so you can do more important things or enjoy your time indulging with something you like! We are honest, hard-working, dependable and have the right skills, tools and chemicals to do our job with a smile in our face! In addition to the standard cleaning services your home or business may require, MSL Housekeeping Services offers a number of other services to keep your home or workplace looking it’s best. These services can be quoted along with your original bid or requested at any time as an individual service.


First customer 10% discount Recurring every week or bi-weekly customer 5% discount and price affordable

Airbnb Cleaning

Turnover Cleaning, you just need 24 hours to book us.


OUR 24-HOUR WARRANTY What does our 24-Hour Clean Warranty mean for you? It means that if you’re not satisfied with any area we have cleaned, you can call us within 24 hours and we’ll come back to clean it again, at no additional cost.

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Organizing $50/ hour

House cleaning

Call for the price every day is deal at MSL. Call to enjoy your everyday deal.

Office cleaning

0.35$ per square feet

Contact Us

  • 284 Racebrook Road, suite 208 Orange, CT, USA

The Team


Housekeeper - Connecticut, USA - 54353

Part-time housekeeper job
Competitive salary
Car and driver license required
Most be 21 years old 
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